Peter Righter was certainly of German origin. While he could not write his name, his son, Bartholomew, could and signed his will in German script,"Barthol,Reiter." Some have suggested that the name was Richter. The Anglicized spelling, Righter, represents quite accurately the sound of the German Reiter, and not at all that of the German Richter. Variations in English spellings, such as Reighter, or Riter, also indicate Reiter as the German name.

The first record found of Peter Righter is the deed relating purchase, at sheriff's sale, 11 September 1725, of 80 acres of land,that had belonged to Matthew Holgate. This tract extended across Roxborough Township from the Schuylkiss River to the Wissahickon Creek, 53 perches along the Creek, 40 along the River, south of the line of the present Hermit Lane. Sheriff Owen Roberts died before the actual conveyance of this land to Peter Righter was completed, but Peter seems to have taken possession at that time. On 23 January 1728, he sold 3 acres, a corner of this land on the east side of the road from Philadelphia to Plymouth, now Ridge Road, and at the northern end of the tract, to his son Bartholomew. It was not until 6 December 1728, that Sheriff Owen Owen, successor to Owen Roberts, on completetion of payment of the price of 22 pounds by Peter, executed deeds to convey the land to him. (Philadelphia County Deed Book ADB-142,485)

It is evident that by this time Peter was married, and his family was growing up about him on his farm. No record of his marriage, of the name of his wife, or of the baptism of his children has been located. If Peter Righter adhered to any church after the break-up of the Pietist Community, or his departure from it, what church it may have been had not been determined.

Yeoman Peter Righter lived on his farm in lower Roxborough Township for 16 years longer. When John Hyatt prepared his list of land-holders in Philadelphia County for Thomas Penn,Proprietor, in 1734, the returns for Roxborough Township included Peter Righter, 80 acres, Bartel. Righter ("in corne") 3 acres. With the sale of 3 acred to Bartholomew (Bartel) the acreage for Peter should have been 77. 27 October 1741, Peter Righter, yeoman, sold 77 acres of land for 60 pounds to his third son Michael. (Deed Book H-9,167) Perhaps Peter was now too old to manage a farm, and lived out the few years left to his with his son. No wife was named in the association with him in this sale of land, so it may be concluded that she died before this date.

Letters of administration were granted, 4 August 1744, to Bartholomew Righter "on the estate late of Peter Reighter, dec'd." No account or inventory of this estate is on file. Bartholomew's account was to be filed 5 August 1745, when he may have been his last illness, for he died that summer.

Children of Peter Righter: Bartholomew Righter/Peter Righter/Michael Righter/George Righter

There is no proof that this list is compete, nor of the order in which the children are listed, except that Michael was the third son. Bartholomew is placed first because he was the fist to have land of his own, and was appointed administrator of his father's estate.Peter is included because of the tradition that Peter, the ferryman, was a brother of Michael. There is no proof that George was a son of Peter. It is assumed that he was because he lived in Roxborough Township, used the spelling Righter for his name, and aquired land about the time a younger son might have done.